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why go arts?.

go arts focuses on the activities and works produced by fine art students at Newcastle and Northumbria University, allowing the students to promote their work, portfolios, events and exhibitions.

go arts first went online in 2008 and was redesigned in early 2009. It is run by Graham Oakes, a 4th year fine art student at Newcastle University, as part of the universities Life, Work, Art project. The aim of the Life, Work, Art project is to take art out of the studios and help prepare students for life after university.    

what is go arts?

go arts is a web site for student fine art in Newcastle upon Tyne

The site consists of three main sections. The gallery section allows students to exhibit works in an online exhibition space, giving the works a chance to stand out rather than be another online collection of images. The gallery also houses videos and images from past shows and exhibitions, cataloguing the artistic talent that comes from the universities.


The events page is where you can find out about all upcoming student art events and exhibitions, allowing the students to publicise their work to a broader audience. The portfolios section is where you can find a collection of student’s online art portfolios and blogs.


go arts is a one stop web site for everything fine art within the two universities of Newcastle.