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a brief history

go arts’ first went online in March 2008. Designed and updated by Graham Oakes, ‘go arts’ began life as an assignment for the Life Work Art project at Newcastle University, taking art out of the studio and displaying it for the world to see.
The aim of the site is for it grow and become a hub of knowledge and activity, allowing artists at the university to publicise their works and projects.

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go arts expanded to embrace the benefits of the Internet, creating an online gallery (‘the gallery’) for works to be curated and displayed in a rotating exhibition, to then move into the go arts collection when the next exhibition begins.

Realising that people are interested in displaying their own works as they see fit, the portfolios section was created. This places the emphasis on people creating their own online portfolio, not through go arts but through sites that already exist such as This gives the artist full control over what their portfolio includes and looks like, but are all accessible from the one place in the portfolios section.
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