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Welcome to the go arts site tour, where we will take you through each section of the site pointing out interesting things along the way.

The entrance board provides you with access to:

Information - explore the ever expanding information section. Learn about go arts and the artists. It also includes information specifically for student artists.


Information highlights - directs you to relevant and newly updated information.


News - read about the latest News relating to art in Newcastle and go arts.


The Forum - visit the forum for all discussions art related. Discuss work, upcoming events, exhibitions you have seen, anything!

The site board provides you with access to:

The gallery

Here you will find quick access to the current online exhibition on go arts.

It also displays the most recent galleries of work added to go arts, so you always know when something new turns up.



Displays all upcoming events. The next event is always on the top. Only the next 3 events are shown, check out the events page for all upcoming events.



Gives you quick access to the newest artists blogs and web sites. Portfolios and blogs are updated regularly so keep checking them out even if they are not on the front page. Sites with major updates will get featured from time to time.





the gallery

The gallery on go arts is where you will find a vast selection of unique works.


Current exhibition

This is the main feature of the gallery. The exhibition is an online exhibition of works presented as you would expect from an actual gallery. The works are online in the main exhibition for a number of weeks until the next exhibition. The works then move into the collection.


The collection

Here you will find all the past works from the main gallery exhibition.





The gallery on go arts is where you will find a vast selection of unique works.


Upcoming events.

Here you will find all the upcoming events of students fine artists in Newcastle. Click on the events for more information. Many will provide a map so you know where you are going.


Past events.

A catalogue of past events publicised on go arts.






The portfolios section is where you will find students online web sites and art blogs.

University artists keep their own art blogs and web sites, showing the world what they are doing with their work. In the portfolios section you will find a selection of sites updated by Newcastle fine art students.