Note: If you are hearing continuous sound (through the rest of the site) you may have multiple tabs open. Each location has it’s own audio which stops when you exit the location. Please make sure you only have one window or tab of the work running at one time.


The audio in each location is a recording of the environment it is depicting.


Certain locations have different audio tracks depending on which direction you enter the space from.


Office corridor 1

The corridor shown to the left has 3 seperate audio tracks. Some spaces have more distinct audio changes than others.

Original audio concept


The first iteration of the interactive environment had recordings of voices telling a narrative. The narrative was a story written to be engaging and intriguing to prompt further exploration. However after recording a number of audio tracks using some actors, I didn’t feel happy with how it pieced together. The imagery was a lot more engaging than the audio and I did not believe what you could hear had the same impact as what you could see.

Hence I decided to drop the scripted narrative in place for a more immersive approach; capturing the sounds of the locations.


The combination of audio and imagery from the same location provides the user with a deep sense of immersion.


Selection of scripted audio recordings;

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